Smart Lighting Consultancy

With over six years of experience in building IoT products and award-winning software such as LumiFi, we offer a range of services
either as a technical expert consultant to manufacturers or as part of the product development team.

Smart lighting Consultant

We are helping companies with their IoT & Smart lighting needs. We offer extensive expertise in IoT (Internet-of-Things) technology, smart lighting, and smart building technologies.

We provide consultancy or advisory services to lighting or smart building technology manufacturers who like to assess & improve their IoT or connected product design and technology needs or improve their insights in their business strategy.

We love to work in project management and product development for smart buildings.

Lighting Control Software

LumiFi is an award-winning smart lighting control software platform with award-winning, intuitive user interfaces integrating with IoT-enabled lighting hardware.

Our software incorporates LED wireless enabled lighting technology from multiple manufacturers and the expertise of our award-winning lighting designers to transform the way we interact with lighting in our homes, hotel rooms, workplaces and more.

We are a recognized expert speaker & panelist:

Our Industry Awards:

  • 2018 Building Tech Top 50 List by Buildworlds in the lighting category

  • 2015 Hospitality Design Award Finalist in the Technology Category for LumiFi

  • 2015 Golden A’Design Award Winner in Mobile Technologies, Apps & Software Design

  • 2014 Thoughtful Things Fund Finalist by Google Ventures, NEST, KBCP

We are widely published on IoT: