IoT & Smart Technology consultancy

WE OFFER Extensive Expertise in IoT (Internet-of-Things) technology,
smart lighting and smart building technologies


We provide consultancy or advisory services to lighting, or smart building technology manufacturers
who wish to assess & improve their IoT, or connected product design and technology needs.

IoT and connected lighting have been a big buzz phrase in the last few years, and we all know it's the future. There is still a lot of hesitation in the market to fully embrace the technology.

IoT is often driven and developed by technical engineers and software developer experts. It often lacks the intuitive 'human experience' aspect that drives adoption. To make IoT successful, it is necessary to bridge and merge the technical side with the design aspects, the understanding of lighting design applications, and the end-user with their specific implementation needs.

Being an award-winning designer and architect with over 20 years experience, having developed the award-winning IoT smart lighting platform LumiFi over the past 6 years, being a recognized IoT technology expert & thought-leader, Beatrice Witzgall offers a unique skill set and perspective. Her expertise includes product management, UX/UI design, and lighting. She sees things differently to a 'siloed' specialist with a narrow view and skill set with a defined set of scope and responsibilities. Her vision is to create unique solutions and experiences crafted to capture and achieve the essence of the desired result.
She has been in the field, pitched to clients and has worked through challenging tedious technical assignments not only from an engineering or IT side, but also when managing software product development or teams. This unique experience allows her to see things better from a strategic perspective point of view and look at a product or services from a more comprehensive view and bridge between the different departments.

We can support you with:

  • Develop, assess the product road map and IoT strategy

  • Evaluate existing IoT technologies, trends and potential partnership landscape

  • Support in digital transformation and going-to-market strategy incorporating industry trends and players considerations

  • Develop and improve novel and innovative feature sets and applications / user cases

  • Evaluate and design customer experience and application design

  • Evaluate and assess the different system components on how they come together

  • Manage product teams and budgets; set goals

  • Present and pitch the technology to the design and customer community

  • Be a visionary thought leader and representative speaker,

Scalable Advanced Eco-system Infrastructures Example

Eco-system Infrastructures example for a basic app approach developed for hospitality setting

Commissioning process for an advanced project on the LumiFi software platform