User Experience Design (UX|UI|HX)

with focus on how people interact and control within the physical environment
and simplifying complex information and work streams into simple, intuitive experiences

Services include:

  • Creative direction & project management

  • Agile product management (Jira)

  • Remote overseas team management

  • Story-boarding & wire-framing (user journey)

  • UX/UI design with iterations

  • Graphic Design & video scripts

  • Product testing & product reviews

  • Integration of customer & user feedback

  • User tutorials & manuals

Industry Design Awards & Exhibitions:

  • 2018 Building Tech Top 50 List by Buildworlds in the lighting category

  • 2015 Hospitality Design Award Finalist in the Technology Category for LumiFi

  • 2015 Golden A’Design Award Winner in Mobile Technologies, Apps & Software Design

  • 2014 Thoughtful Things Fund Finalist by Google Ventures, NEST, KBCP

  • 2000 Boston Museum of Science for MERL - Bones Dinosaur Exhibition

Selected Projects:

LumiFi PRO app V2 (2016-2018) | i-Phone & Android

Award-winning IoT lighting control app that is connected to the cloud, local controller and web-platform and reconfigures depending on project type, application and user. Here is a brief intro video.

LumiFi Web Platform (2015-2018)

The web platform is a complex user and admin tool to manage lights across multiple projects and hardware manufacturer with all their light and configuration settings. It automatically syncs with the cloud and the respective apps and offers a range of complex functionalities. Here is an intro web-platform video and here is a video of our guided web-tour.

Plane Lighting Control Automation Proposal (2015) | I-pad & Desktop

Imagine an algorithmic-based lighting platform that adjusts the lighting automatically for the best jet-lag mitigation in planes and adjusts based on the flight route. The flight attendants just need to select flight number and their activity and the light settings work to help passengers adjust to their new time zone. It also takes away the issue that flight attendants don’t often know what lighting to set at what time during a flight. We brainstormed this proposal as a conversation starter to increase awareness around the value-proposition for smart lighting and their applications and developed this proposal to showcase and promote LumiFi’s patented pre-configuration algorithm.

Walmart Pitch for a Mobile Lighting Control Consumer App (2014)

The proposal was to develop in context with a lighting supplier for Walmart as a simple basic home consumer lighting control app with minimal functionalities; with no individual lighting controls, but only with dimming by room.

Proposals for Jetlag Mitigation App for Travelers and Music-Sync with Lighting App (2014)

While investigating travelers’ needs in a hotel room, we looked at jetlag mitigation solutions and how lighting can help them to faster adopt to a new time zone or how they can sync their own music with the lighting mood of the space.

Proposals for Branded Hotel Room Control App (2014)

With the emergence of IoT (Internet of Things) the technology changes. People’s lives are run by their smartphones especially when on the road. The proposal suggested moving hotel room controls onto a personalized and branded hotel App thus giving guests more control of their environment with a familiar and convenient interface.

LumiFi LITE app V1 (2014-2016) | i-Phone & Android

Home-consumer App that we build as MVP and then expanded into a professional market offering with a focus on room lighting controls in the hospitality market.

Custom Ipad Room Control Interface for Superyacht (2009-2010)

We were asked to help design and develop the Room Control Overview Pages for an Ipad in early 2009 by a superyacht owner when the technology was brand new. Our approach was that lighting controls should be selected, grouped and composed by lighting atmosphere, mood or activity and not by asking a user to turn on and select individual lights. The custom developed app was built on top of a traditional wired controls backbone.

MERL - Zyklodeon | Desktop Application (2000)

Interaction and Interface design with all graphic assets and widgets for the interactive learning environment: “Composer”, a children's learning kit by Carol Strohecker. Zyklodeon is a highly visual, highly interactive software construction kit. Players create cartoon-like dancers and endow them with properties that influence emergence of cyclic timing and movement patterns. The project was first published in the Proceedings of ACM multimedia, 2000: “Zyklodeon: A Software Construction Kit Modeling Cyclic Timing Patterns”


Interaction and Interface design with all graphic assets and widgets for the interactive learning environment: prototype “Bones”. Bones was featured at the Boston Museum of Science in the Dinosaur Exhibition in 2000-2001. The project also appears in the Proceedings of Edmedia 2001, World Conference on Educational Multimedia: “A Framework for Microworld-style Construction Kits”