Yacht Lighting

We focus on creating recognizable exterior identities and moods and atmospheres for the interior. We have worked on over a dozen exclusive luxury Superyachts. These involved the highest and most demanding standard of entertainment and living spaces in hospitality. For many projects, we do full exterior and interior lighting design while for others, we are also available as technical lighting consultants on targeted questions.

Witzgall’s passion for yachting, combined with her award-winning lighting design expertise has her qualified to work in this specialty niche. She has over 15 years expertise as a performance racer and is a dedicated, active New York Yacht Club member which gives her a unique, in-depth understanding and skill-set to address the design and technical challenges on yachts.

Selected Projects on display:
Many of our projects are confidential and can’t be publicly shared.

  • 85m Pacific (by Luerssen and Bannenberg Rowell Design) - Exterior & Interior Lighting Design

  • 79m Amaryllis (by Abeking & Rasmussen) - Exterior & Interior Lighting Design

  • 66ft Gunboat Phaedo: Lighting, architectural layouts and branding

  • 145m Topaz (by Luerssen): Exterior Lighting Design Proposal

  • 60m Samurai (by Alia): Exterior Lighting Design (Concept to DD)

  • 60m Performance Mortoryacht with DLBA: Exterior Lighting Design Proposal

  • 149ft Custom Explorer Motoryacht: Exterior & Interior Lighting Design

  • 24m Custom Performance Motoryacht (by Hodgen): Exterior Lighting Design